Barsetto Espresso/Coffee Maker-Finish:Black

Barsetto offers every coffee lover the perfect made in Italy espresso in the comfort of their home in less than a minute The Barsetto espresso machine is compact and features a sleek design to fit in with any setting Barsetto makes it easy to enjoy rich flavorful espresso anytime of the day The ingenious design offers quick and efficient service with nearly no maintenance With the touch of a button your water is pre heated within just 45 seconds and the Barsetto is ready to pour up to 9 single shots of espresso You can also customize your drink with two cup size settings for single and double espresso The 19 bar high pressure pump delivers rich aromatic espresso every time And once the espresso is made each single serve capsule automatically drops into a storage compartment to limit any mess The drip tray and storage compartment can easily be removed for easy cleaning Barsetto is born from the words Barista and Perfectto and represents a commitment to delivering rich flavorful espresso coffee with passion

Barsetto Espresso/Coffee Maker-Finish:Black


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  • Brand: Barsetto
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  • $139.49

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Barsetto Espresso/Coffee Maker-Finish:Black

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$139.49 $164.44

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Barsetto Espresso/Coffee Maker-Finish:Black

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