Texas Instruments TI83 Plus Teacher Kit 83PL/TPK/1L1/E

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  • Texas Instruments TI83 Plus Teacher Kit 83PL/TPK/1L1/E

MODEL- TI83PLUSTK VENDOR- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS FEATURES- TI83PLUS Teachers Kit Teacher Kit Includes: 10 TI83PLUS graphing calculators 10 unit to unit link cables 10 manuals 1 teacher guide 1 transparency and 1 poster. This easy-to-use TI calculator is enhanced with FLASH ROM memory that allows it to store Calculator Software Applications (Apps) ideal for use in virtually any class. The TI-83 Plus and the TI-84 Plus family are allowed for use on the PSAT the SAT Reasoning Test SAT Subject Tests and Math Level 1 and 2 Tests AP Chemistry exam AP Physics exam and AP Calculus exam. * Electronically upgradable. * Applications will be available from TI and other leading developers. * 8-line by 16-character display. * Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus. * Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent. * Graphs 10 rectangular functions 6 parametric expression 6 polar expressions and 3 recursively-defined sequences. * Up to 10 graphing functions defined saved graphed and analyzed at one time. * Sequence graphing mode shows time series plot cobwebgistair-step plot and phase plot. * User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements. * 14 interactive zoom features. * Function evaluation table shows numeric evaluation of functions in table format. * Interactive analysis of function values roots maximums minimums integrals and derivatives. * 7 different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn. * Horizontal and vertical split-screen options. * Matrix operations including inverse determinant transpose augment reduced row echelon form and elementary row operations. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa. * List-based one- and two- variable statistical analysis including logistic sinusoidal median-median linear logarithmic exponential power quadratic polynomial cubic polynomial and quadratic polynomial regression models. * 3 statistical plot definitions for scatter plots xy-line plots histograms regular and modified box-and-whisker plots and normal probability plots. * Advanced statistics features including 9 hypothesis testing functions 6 confidence interval functions and one-way analysis of variance. * 15 probability distribution functions including Normal Student-t Chi-square Binomial and Poisson. * Business functions including Time-Value-of Money (TVM) cash flows and amortization. Full screen interactive editor for solving TVM problems . * Interactive equation solver editor for solving for different variable in an equation. * Alphabetical CATALOG of all calculator operations in one menu. * Programming capability with the number of programs limited only by available memory. * 24K bytes of available RAM 160K bytes of user data archive as storage and application space.
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