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Brand: DynamicFunction Product ID: 341424
VESA plate adapter that extends existing 200 x 200 mm adapters to achieve 400 x 400 mm hole pattern.FeaturesVESA compatibleAttaches directly to any mount with 200 x 200 mm hole pattern to extend adapter up to 400 x 400 mmPre-sorted hardware pack for easy installationSpecificationsTV size range - 32 ..
$25.33 $42.30
Brand: SkilledPower Product ID: 487754
If you are a gadget lover, our Electronics catalog is your dream destination. Choose from hundreds of gadgets and accessories to suit different uses and add some entertainment, facility and convenience to your life. Features0.25 ft. Ring Terminal for 4 Gauge Wire, RedLots of options in every categor..
$1.88 $3.14
Brand: SonicBoom Product ID: 487753
FeaturesCrimp style connectors work great when building custom wire harnesses or making repairs to existing wiringNon-insulated terminals are designed to be crimped but may also be soldered for a more secure complete connectionUsed with separate heat shrink that is applied after connection is madePa..
$7.20 $12.02