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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 442063
The 1 - 3/8" BitBuddie is ideal for capturing dust and slurry where ever a small power tool is being used. Whether it is for drilling a faucet hole in a granite countertop or using a percu..
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 476525
Screw-on replacement end for Dustless Vacuum hose.Dimensions: 7"L x 5"H x 5"W...
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 476524
The 12 foot flexible hose for the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum is very durable, crush-proof and flexible. 12' vacuum hose with nylon reinforced ribs. 1.52" I.D. x 2" O.D. comes complete with cuffs.Dimensions: 15"L x 16"H x 15"W...
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 476523
Disposable, tear-resistant WunderBag™ Micro-Prefilter can hold 40lbs of dust and debris for easy clean-up and continued vacuuming. The Micro-Mesh material retains strength when wet and is breathable, keeping suction strong. A 5-ply filtration design captures extremely fine dust and slurry for the to..
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 476522
This is a replacement HEPA filter use it as a replacement on a Dustless HEPA Vacuum that was factory certified, your vacuum will retain its certification which is important when doing work under OSHS and NIOSH guidelines. Without certification, an inspector can shut your operation down.Dimensions: 1..
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Brand: Swivel Product ID: 369255
FeaturesMetal construction provides strength and durability.For hot water applications.Compatible with American Standard faucets.Low lead material complies with CA and VT low lead laws.Brass finish.Dimension - 5.3 x 7.8 x 5 in.Item Weight - .11 lbs...
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Brand: Swivel Product ID: 369254
FeaturesBrass construction provides strength and durability.Designed for hot and cold water applications.Complies with low-lead regulations.Easy to install.Dimension - 2 x 4 x 7.25 in.Item Weight - .55 lbs...
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Brand: Swivel Product ID: 369252
FeaturesFits Sink 635-45, 1007A, Lavatory 95R, Laundry 3195.Stems come complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers & bibb screws.Uses seat No.30038.Dimension - 5.3 x 7.8 x 5 in.Item Weight - .13 lbs...
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Brand: Swivel Product ID: 369251
FeaturesFits bath 10 & 12 D.L.H Series.Stems come complete with bonnet packings, friction rings, bibb washers & bibb screws.Uses seat No.30037.Dimension - 6.5 x 4 x 2.25 in.Item Weight - .48 lbs...
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 476521
Hose Adapter 18" x 1.25" x 2" fits ChipBuddie, Dustie, DustBuddie, BitBuddie.Dimensions: 7"L x 3.63"H x 7"W...
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Brand: BeautyBlade Product ID: 441778
Used for connecting two vacuum hoses together.Color: Black.Dimensions: 4"L x 4"H x 4"W...
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Brand: DenDesigns Product ID: 441193
Bissell BigGreen Commercial 15" Dual Motor Upright with On-board Tools, Heavy-duty commercial vacuum, Two-motor system; 120V, 1080W, 9A; 15" cleaning path makes efficient, wide-path clean; Sleek foot, cleans under furniture; Comfort-clean handle; 50-foot professional extension cord for 100 feet of c..
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