Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO

With one base and two interchangeable vessels, the 1200-watt Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost easily switches from a powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extractor to a versatile Nutrient Fusion Processor. With Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction and Pro Extractor Blades Assembly you can easily break down whole foods, seeds, ice, and nuts to create nutrient-rich ingredients in unique forms like smoothies, shots, pops, and purees. While the Nutri Bowl paired with Ninja's Precision Prep blades brings fresh, wholesome ingredients together to make flavorful Nutrient Fusion meals, snacks and desserts from proteins, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and your favorite cooking and baking ingredients you can even make dough. With Nutrient Extraction and Nutrient Fusion you can elevate the everyday by making it a NU Day!

Auto-iQ Technology provides customizable and intelligent programs that combine timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns to do the work for you. Easily make your favorite recipes with unique programs that deliver delicious smoothies, snacks, meals, and desserts with zero guesswork. Its countdown timer displays how much time remains on the Auto-iQ settings, or counts up to track blending time when using manual speeds. Our next-generation Auto-iQ Boost works with any Auto-iQ program to help customize the consistency of your recipe. A 32 oz. and two 24 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja cups with the Pro Extractor Blades Assembly fully breaks down the toughest ingredients leafy greens, skins, and seeds leaving no nutrient behind. The containers, blades, and lids are BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe only.

Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Create a fusion of foods containing nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and other foods. By blending whole fruits and vegetables, including portions that are usually discarded. The stacked blade design allows precision control processing, delivering Ninja's finest and fastest chopping results without over-processing. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups with spout lids allow you to take nutrient-rich super juices on the go. 1200 watts for the toughest ingredient breakdown.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO


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Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO

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Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO

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